Plunkin meteorites an michtie firebaws!

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The latest (8th) Tintin adventure to be translated into Scots is L’Étoile Mystérieuse (English title The Shooting Star)

“A wheechin starn! Quick, Tarrie, mak a wish!” 

Ae nicht, whan oot for a dander, Tintin sees a ferlie starn that keeps growin brichter. It is a bleezin firebaw wheechin towart the Earth!

Altho the asteroid gaes by withoot a stramash, a muckle bit meteorite plunks doon in the Arctic Ocean. Syne Tintin an his freens, alang wi starn-keeker, Professor Boethius Bannock, set oot on a scientific expedition tae find it an recover the ootland metal it conteens.

The unco rock fae ooter space has byordinar properties that gie Tintin a fair few flegs. But there is waur tae come for the gallus reporter lad whan he learns that ill-deedie folk are heidin towart the meteorite forby.

For orra facts anent the names and cultural references in The Ferlie Starn and other titles, see the separate Fun Facts page.

Scots translation by Susan Rennie
published by Dalen Scot November 2021
ISBN: 9781913573287