Pauchle my Parritch! Twa new Tintins wi pirates galore!

*Comin in Autumn 2020* – a TWA-PAIRT pirate adventur 

The Saicret o the Unicorn & The Treisure o Rachlan the Reid follae Tintin an Captain Haddie as they hunt for sunken pirate treisure an meet the eccentric Dr Kelvin Kenspeckle, inventor o the shark submarine.

unicorncover-1In Saicret o the Unicorn, Tintin finds a model o an auld warship, the Unicorn, that wis commandit lang syne by Captain Haddie’s forefaither. It hauds an unco riddlum: the first o three byordinar clues tae the treisure o the bluidthristy pirate, Rachlan the Reid. But sleekit villains are efter the saicret forby an will dae their deidly utmaist tae get it for themsels.


The story continues in Treisure o Rachlan the Reid, whaur Tintin an his freens mak for the Caribbean in search o the pirate treisure. Their quest leads them tae a desert island inhabitit by papingoes that skirl an flyte in Scots. Syne, aneth the waves, they find the wrack o the Unicorn, and an auld sea-kist fu o drookit documents — documents that reveal bumbazin news!

Scots translation by Susan Rennie
Published by Dalen Scot 

ISBN 978-1913573195 (Unicorn)
ISBN 978-1913573201 (Rachlan)