The Sceptre o Auld King Ottokar

** NEW FOR AUTUMN 2019 **

more details coming soon!

A new Scots translation of this classic Tintin adventure, created for the 80th anniversary of Hergé’s original Le Sceptre d’Ottokar, which was published in 1939.

Tintin traivels tae the sma Balkan kingdom o Syldavia whaur he uncovers a conspeeracy agin the young king, Muskar XII. The plotters are mindit tae steal the auncient Sceptre o Auld King Ottokar, symbol o the new king’s richt tae rule. Gin the plot succeeds, the king will tyne his croun an his country micht be owerrun. Wi traitors on ilka side, can Tintin help the king afore it’s ower late?

Clawr Ottokar Scots Med