Unicorn & Rachlan the Reid

PAUCHLE MY PARRITCH! Twa new Tintin adventurs wi pirates galore!

These twa gallus adventurs follae Tintin an Captain Haddie as they hunt for sunken pirate treisure an meet the eccentric Dr Kelvin Kenspeckle, inventor o the shark submarine.

Published by Dalen Scot, October 2020

ISBN 978-1913573195 (Unicorn)
ISBN 978-1913573201 (Rachlan)

In The Saicret o the Unicorn, Tintin finds a model o an auld warship, the Unicorn, that wis commandit lang syne by Captain Haddie’s forefaither. It hauds an unco riddlum: the first o three byordinar clues tae the treisure o the bluidthristy pirate, Rachlan the Reid. But sleekit villains are efter the saicret forby an will dae their deidly utmaist tae get it for themsels.

In The Treisure o Rachlan the ReidTintin an his freens mak for the Caribbean in search o the lang-tint pirate treisure. Their quest leads them tae a desert island inhabitit by papingoes that skirl an flyte in Scots. Syne, aneth the waves, they find the wrack o the Unicorn, and an auld sea-kist fu o drookit documents — documents that reveal bumbazin news!