Wha Daur Meddle wi Tintin?!

** NEW FOR AUTUMN 2019 **


A new Scots translation of this classic Tintin adventure, created for the 80th anniversary of Hergé’s original Le Sceptre d’Ottokar, which was published in 1939.

Clawr Ottokar Scots Med

“Wae be tae him that sticks his neb in ither fowk’s business” (Auld Syldavian Proverb) 

Tintin traivels tae the sma Balkan kingdom o Syldavia whaur he uncovers a conspeeracy agin the young king, Muskar XII. The plotters are mindit tae steal the auncient Sceptre o Auld King Ottokar, symbol o the new king’s richt tae rule. Gin the plot succeeds, the king will tyne his croun — can Tintin help him afore it’s ower late?

Scots translation by Susan Rennie

published by Dalen October 2019

ISBN 978-1906587147

NEW! Read the article in the Scotsman (12 December): ‘New editions of Asterix and Tintin translated into Gaelic and Scots’.


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Tintin meets the Ugsome Snawman!

** NEW FOR OCTOBER 2017 **


Tibet cover

Tintin thinks his guid freen Chang has been killed in a plane stramash i the Himalayas – until a byordinar dream maks him misdoot that Chang is deid. Thegither wi Captain Haddie an Tarrie, he sets oot on a perilous journey ower the snaw-tooried Himalayas towart Tibet. Upby, the monks o an ootland Buddhist monastery see a veesion o Chang ben a cave upheich i the moontains. But he isna on his lee lane. Wi him is a gey rare craitur kent in legends as the ‘Ugsome Snawman’!


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Scots translation by Susan Rennie

Published by Dalen Scot
October 2017

ISBN 978-1906587864

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Caterwailin Caterans! Captain Haddie speaks Scots!


‘Ay, I’d hae gien them laldie, lad, if they’d jist waited on me! But they ran aff like mealie-mou’ed mappies… forby ane that duntit me at my back, the cooart!’Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 01.37.46

Featuring the first appearance of Captain Haddie and his fantoosh flytings, such as Hallockit hallions!… Glaikit gomerals!… Plookie puddocks! … and Soor-faced plooms!

Tintin an Tarrie follae a series o byordinar clues that pit them on the trail o a dangerous drugs cartel. In their pursuit, Tintin is steekit i the hold o Captain Haddie’s ship, the Karaboudjan – whaur the captain is sair hauden doon by the bottle an keepit i the pooch o his crew. Wi the sweltry Sahara on the ae side an the wattery deepths o the Mediterranean Sea on the tither, this adventur fair pits the lives o Tintin an his freens in deidly danger…

Scots translation by Susan Rennie

published by Dalen Alba November 2015
Price: £7.99
ISBN 978-1906587512

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Fantoosh Cartouche!


Merk-o-the-Pharaoh-Min‘Gin the papyrus is richt, the tomb o Pharaoh Kih-Oskh is richt here unner oor nebs!’

A chance encoonter wi the dottelt Egyptologist, Professor Cameron Cartouche, taks Tintin an his faithfu dug Tarrie on an adventur in search o the lang-tint tomb o Pharaoh Kih-Oskh.

But the pharaoh’s tomb hauds a secret derker than mummies an sarcophagi. By followaein a byordinar clue – the mysterious Merk o the Pharaoh – Tintin an Tarrie rin ramstam intae a gang o drug smugglers, an find themsels in a sair fecht wi an international criminal maistermind.

Scots translation by Susan Rennie

published by  Dalen Alba October 2014…

ISBN 978-1906587475

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 21.41.46Also available in Scots:Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 21.24.47
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