Tintin meets the Ugsome Snawman!

** NEW FOR OCTOBER 2017 **


Tibet cover

Tintin thinks his guid freen Chang has been killed in a plane stramash i the Himalayas – until a byordinar dream maks him misdoot that Chang is deid. Thegither wi Captain Haddie an Tarrie, he sets oot on a perilous journey ower the snaw-tooried Himalayas towart Tibet. Upby, the monks o an ootland Buddhist monastery see a veesion o Chang ben a cave upheich i the moontains. But he isna on his lee lane. Wi him is a gey rare craitur kent in legends as the ‘Ugsome Snawman’!


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Scots translation by Susan Rennie

Published by Dalen Scot
October 2017

ISBN 978-1906587864

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Caterwailin Caterans! Captain Haddie speaks Scots!


‘Ay, I’d hae gien them laldie, lad, if they’d jist waited on me! But they ran aff like mealie-mou’ed mappies… forby ane that duntit me at my back, the cooart!’Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 01.37.46

Featuring the first appearance of Captain Haddie and his fantoosh flytings, such as Hallockit hallions!… Glaikit gomerals!… Plookie puddocks! … and Soor-faced plooms!

Tintin an Tarrie follae a series o byordinar clues that pit them on the trail o a dangerous drugs cartel. In their pursuit, Tintin is steekit i the hold o Captain Haddie’s ship, the Karaboudjan – whaur the captain is sair hauden doon by the bottle an keepit i the pooch o his crew. Wi the sweltry Sahara on the ae side an the wattery deepths o the Mediterranean Sea on the tither, this adventur fair pits the lives o Tintin an his freens in deidly danger…

Scots translation by Susan Rennie

published by Dalen Alba November 2015
Price: £7.99
ISBN 978-1906587512

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Fantoosh Cartouche!


Merk-o-the-Pharaoh-Min‘Gin the papyrus is richt, the tomb o Pharaoh Kih-Oskh is richt here unner oor nebs!’

A chance encoonter wi the dottelt Egyptologist, Professor Cameron Cartouche, taks Tintin an his faithfu dug Tarrie on an adventur in search o the lang-tint tomb o Pharaoh Kih-Oskh.

But the pharaoh’s tomb hauds a secret derker than mummies an sarcophagi. By followaein a byordinar clue – the mysterious Merk o the Pharaoh – Tintin an Tarrie rin ramstam intae a gang o drug smugglers, an find themsels in a sair fecht wi an international criminal maistermind.

Scots translation by Susan Rennie

published by  Dalen Alba October 2014…

ISBN 978-1906587475

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 21.41.46Also available in Scots:Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 21.24.47
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