Scots Phrases

Look out for these Scots phrases in The Adventurs o Tintin:

the baw’s bursten it’s all over (literally, the ball’s burst)

be bealin be really angry

ya beauty! excellent!

ben the hoose inside the house

blackbelickit! damn! drat!

blaw stour in yer een deceive or hoodwink you (literally, throw dust in your eyes)

help ma boab! goodness me!

caw cannie be careful, take care

come awa come on, come along

gae yer dinger go the whole hog

dinna fash! don’t worry!

the game’s a bogie it’s all over, we’re finished

gane gyte gone mad, gone daft

gaun yersel! on you go!

I’m a gone corbie!  I’m done for! I’ve had it!

ya big feartie! you coward!

guid fegs! good grief!

hank marvin (rhyming slang) starving

haud yer wheesht keep quiet

hoolie an fairlie slowly and carefully

keep a calm souch keep quiet

keep the heid keep calm

on the keevee on the alert

I ken fine I’m well aware of that

lovanentie! heavens!

mair by taiken especially, in particular

michtie me! goodness me!

the morn’s morn the next morning, tomorrow morning

ya muckle sumph! you big oaf!

pit yer gas at a peep take the wind out of your sails

whit a scunner what a nuisance

scunneration! damn! drat!

snowk them oot hunt them down

be shot o be rid of

staund like a stookie stand absolutely still (like a statue)

still an on nevertheless, all the same

sugarellie! sugar! drat! (literally liquorice)

tak tent take care, be careful

tummlin tapsalteerie tumbling head-over-heels

up wi’t! a cry of triumph = yes! hurray!