The Ferlie Starn


A wheechin starn! Quick, Tarrie, mak a wish!” 

Ae nicht, whan oot for a dander, Tintin sees a ferlie starn that keeps growin brichter. It is a bleezin firebaw wheechin towart the Earth!

Altho the asteroid gaes by withoot a stramash, a muckle bit meteorite plunks doon in the Arctic Ocean. Syne Tintin an his freens, alang wi starn-keeker, Professor Boethius Bannock, set oot on a scientific expedition tae find it an recover the ootland metal it conteens.

The unco rock fae ooter space has byordinar properties that gie Tintin a fair few flegs. But there is waur tae come for the gallus reporter lad whan he learns that ill-deedie fowk are heidin towart the meteorite forby.

Scots translation by Susan Rennie
published by Dalen Scot November 2021
ISBN: 9781913573287