Partan wi the Gowden Taes


‘Ay, I’d hae gien them laldie, lad, if they’d jist waited on me! But they ran aff like mealie-mou’ed mappies… forby ane that duntit me at my back, the cooart!

Partan cover

Tintin an Tarrie follae a series o byordinar clues that pit them on the trail o a dangerous drugs cartel. In their pursuit, Tintin is steekit i the hold o Captain Haddie’s ship, the Karaboudjan – whaur the captain is sair hauden doon by the bottle an keepit i the pooch o his crew. Wi the sweltry Sahara on the ae side an the wattery deepths o the Mediterranean Sea on the tither, this adventur fair pits the lives oTintin an his freens in deidly danger…

Scots translation by Susan Rennie

published by Dalen Scot November 2015

ISBN 978-1906587512

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