Tintin meets the Ugsome Snawman!

** NEW FOR OCTOBER 2017 **


Tibet cover

Tintin thinks his guid freen Chang has been killed in a plane stramash i the Himalayas – until a byordinar dream maks him misdoot that Chang is deid. Thegither wi Captain Haddie an Tarrie, he sets oot on a perilous journey ower the snaw-tooried Himalayas towart Tibet. Upby, the monks o an ootland Buddhist monastery see a veesion o Chang ben a cave upheich i the moontains. But he isna on his lee lane. Wi him is a gey rare craitur kent in legends as the ‘Ugsome Snawman’!


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Scots translation by Susan Rennie

Published by Dalen Scot
October 2017

ISBN 978-1906587864

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