fantooshLook out for these Scots words in
The Adventurs o Tintin:

agin against

aiblins perhaps

alowe on fire, ablaze

antrin odd, peculiar

argy-bargy argue, quarrel

atween between

atweenwhiles meanwhile

awthegither altogether

backarts backwards

bide live, stay

biggin building

biggit built

bleezin blazing, fiery

blether chat

bogle a spirit, a ghost

breeks trousers

breenge barge, rush

brig bridge

bursten burst

bumbazin amazing, astonishing

byordinar extraordinary, unusual; unusually


clarty dirty, grimy

clauts claws, clutches

clype on tell on, inform on

conflummixt confused

dander stroll, walk

dookin bathing

dottelt absent-minded, confused

dover doze, nap

dreich miserable, gloomy

dumfoonert dumbfounded, flabbergasted

dunner rumble

dunt a blow, a bump

dwam nap, doze; day-dream

eejit idiot, fool

ettercap spider

ettle try, attempt

fantoosh fancy, swanky

fesh fetch, get

fireball fireball

fleg scare, frighten

foostie mouldy, musty

forby as well, besides

frichtsome frightening, scary

gallus bold, daring

gey, gey an  very

gie give

gie ower give up, abandon

girn complain, grumble

glaikit daft, bumbling

gown fool, idiot [literally = ‘cuckoo’]

grip, grip on catch, catch up with

haivers nonsense

heeze raise, hoist

howk dig, rummage

ill-deedie malevolent, wicked

ill-trickit badly behaved, mischievous

jalouse suspect, guess

jink dodge, evade

jouk [rhymes with hook] dodge, evade

joukery-pawkery trickery, deceit

jyne [rhymes with mine] join

keek look, peek

leet list

limmer rascal

loon, loun fellow

lowe [rhymes with cow] fire, flame

lowp leap, jump

lowse release, free

mak til make for, head for

merk mark, symbol

mirk darkness

mishanter mishap, accident

muckle great, big

neb nose

numptie fool, idiot

onbeast a frightening monster

oorie eerie and strange

ootland foreign, alien

oot-throu throughout

orra, orra-like odd, peculiar

plump a clump, a patch

plunk plunge, fall downwards, plop

polis police

pooch pocket

puddock-stool toadstool

ramstam headlong

ratten rat

reek smoke, fumes

rive [rhymes with hive] tear, rip

saicont second

scootie wee very wee, tiny

scouk [rhymes with hook] skulk, lurk

scunnersome annoying

scunnert fed up, disgusted

shangies handcuffs, shackles

shivereens smithereens

sinsyne since then

skaith harm, hurt

skellochin yelling, screaming

skellum rascal

skirlin pan frying pan

skirt elude, evade

sklent swerve, veer

smoch thick fog

sneck fasten, lock

sned cut, chop

snochter-dichter handkerchief

snowk [rhymes with fowk] hunt, search; sniff out

speugie [rhymes with buggy] sparrow

steekit closed, jammed

stoater a great example, a cracker

stooshie commotion

stramash crash, wreckage

starn star

starn-keeker astronomer, star-gazer

stravaigin wandering

swatch [rhymes with catch] look, glimpse

sweirt reluctant

swither waver, hesitate, dither

syne [rhymes with mine] ago, since; then

taivers tatters, rags

teuch tough

thrid third

througang passageway

tint lost

the tither the other

toom empty

toward towards

tryst-word password

tummle tumble

tyne [rhymes with mine] to lose

ugsome hideous, abominable

unco strange, odd

undeemous enormous, monstrous

unfleggit  not scared, not frightened

vizzie a view, a vista

waur [rhymes with for] worse

wheech whizz, speed

a wheen a few, some

whiles sometimes

whummle overturn, capsize; overpower

yaise, yiss use

yestreen yesterday

yett gate

yonner by over there