Characters & Places

Tarrie  Tintin’s faithful companion. His name means terrier in Scots. He is called Milou in French, Snowy in English, Terry in Danish and Norwegian, and Tobbi in Icelandic! For names in other languages, see this list.

Nisbet and Nesbit the two glaikit detectives that follow Tintin. You can tell them apart by their moustaches! Nisbet has a curled moustache and Nesbit has a straight one.

Inverdoom the name means ‘mouth of (the river) Doom’

Corbiecraig Castle the name means ‘crag of corbies or ravens’

The Hairy Etin based on the Red Etin of Scottish folklore, a flesh-eating giant whose red colour came from the blood of his victims! He was said to utter this grisly rhyme as he hunted his victims: ‘Snowk but, snowk ben, I smell the bluid o earthly men’.